Animal Tracks (Orange Trail)

This area is home to many more residents than just those that live in the homes of River Hills. Historically, Florida has been above and below water many times over the past 30 million years. In fact, this river has an incredible amount of shark’s teeth and other fossils in it. Some of the earliest inhabitants to roam included no-hump camels, llamas, small horses, a large ferocious bird called the Titanis Walleri, saber-tooth tigers, mastodons, mammoths, and others.

Of course, these animals no longer roam this area and they have been replaced by animals such as: deer, pigs, coyotes, alligators, squirrels, rabbits, bobcats, turkey, raccoons, and opossums to name a few.

After a rain and when the mud starts to dry is an excellent time to come out and see animal tracks. Trail Trail Photographer, Mark Smith, has shared many pictures of wildlife taken along the Trails of River Hills.

Many people are concerned about the presence of such animals and as always, we should respect and leave these animals alone. They traditionally avoid any human contact and even seeing them is a rare event.

This exhibit and all the amenities of the Trail system is maintained by volunteers. Students can receive Bright Future Service hours for helping. Follow Trail Events and contact the Trail leaders at the TRAILS OF RIVER HILLS Facebook page. Special thanks to Trail Artisan Amanda Seeley for help creating this exhibit.