M.O.A.C. Mother of All Cypress (Orange Trail)

This majestic Bald Cypress tree is the tallest and oldest tree on the preserve. When it was first discovered, it was named the “Mother of all Cypress” Trees or MOAC.

Keep an eye out for the MOAC by looking to the west along the trail opposite the river. It is just south of Radio Crossing about 50 yards into the woods. Also look up!!! It’s over 90ft tall. It’s a sight you will really want to see.  This tree compares in size to the 900-year-old “Goethe Giant“ located in Levy County. It is smaller than the famous “Senator” that is unfortunately no longer with us.

How old is our MOAC? We don’t know but she is a grand old lady. But we think it is over 400 to 500 years old.

This observation deck and all the amenities of the Trail system are maintained by volunteers. Students can receive Bright Future Service hours for helping. Follow Trail Events and contact the Trail leaders at the TRAILS OF RIVER HILLS Facebook page.